The Lawson All Wheel Drive Motorcycle

the Lawson All-Wheel Drive tells you more about the men who built it than about the bike itself. It is, as you might guess from the name, a two-drive motorcycle, but it’s nothing like those that have come before. The Lawson is a concept bike designed to explore the notion of true all-wheel drive on a motorcycle. This isn’t part-time or on-demand drive; it’s all-wheel, all the time!

We are offering the KTM 350 EXC already fitted with our patented Lawson All Wheel Drive kit.





UTILITY MODEL:  Here’s a safe and simple machine to get out and do a little work or even play ride!





HUNTER / SPORTSMAN MODEL: Perfect for getting to the most remote places – easily.






RACING MODELS: Off-Road racing versions of 2 & 4 stroke KTM’s are available already fitted with our Lawson AWD system.








TRAIL MODEL:  The ultimate bike for getting around on the roughest of trails and riding out in the woods with your buddies!






Advantages of LawsonAWD over traditional single wheel drive motorcycles

 Low Impact:        Surmount obstacles by traction – not trenches

       Better:            Anti-dive, coordinated braking
                                              Both wheels brake together
                                              Front brake lever control
                                              Balanced breaking for descending steep hills
                                              Reduced front wheel lockup in emergencies

       Smoother:      Proven Hossack dual A-arm suspension
                                              No torque or bump steer
                                              Design provides stock suspension travel
                                              Design provides stock steering lock value

The Lawson motorcycle all wheel drive design provides the same advantages that an all wheel drive ATV has over a rear wheel drive ATV. Its all wheel drive and suspension system provides as much torque to the front wheel as necessary, rotates the front wheel at basically the same speed as the rear wheel thus excessive rear wheel slip is not required and obstacles are surmounted by traction not digging trenches, and provides the quality suspension and ride available from a conventional rear wheel drive motorcycle.

The Lawson AWD motorcycle is a much simpler design than what is now available for off-road and has equivalent or better suspension characteristics than existing telescoping front suspensions. It is easier for an average rider to control on steep bumpy slopes, to surmount rocks and logs, and to maneuver in sand, mud, and snow. As both wheels are pulling to surmount obstacles, the Lawson design motorcycle does not require speed and aggressive spinning of the rear wheel. This results in low environmental impact, doing less damage to the terrain, and it can be much more easily walked through narrow backcountry trails such as those used by firefighters or rescue personnel. The advantage of an all wheel drive motorcycle is similar to why a four wheel drive vehicle is much better in difficult conditions than a two wheel drive vehicle.