The Lawson All Wheel Drive Motorcycle

the Lawson All-Wheel Drive tells you more about the men who built it than about the bike itself. It is, as you might guess from the name, a two-drive motorcycle, but it’s nothing like those that have come before. The Lawson is a concept bike designed to explore the notion of true all-wheel drive on a motorcycle. This isn’t part-time or on-demand drive; it’s all-wheel, all the time!


We are offering the Yamaha XT250 already fitted with our patented Lawson All Wheel Drive kit.




UTILITY MODEL:  Here’s a safe and simple machine to get out and do a little work or even play ride!





HUNTER / SPORTSMAN MODEL: Perfect for getting to the most remote places – easily.






RACING MODELS: Off-Road racing versions of 2 & 4 stroke KTM’s are available already fitted with our Lawson AWD system.